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What do You Get for Someone Who Has Everything?

Ever wonder what the perfect gift would be for someone who “has everything?” There’s one thing I’m sure they don’t have, and that’s lightning protection. Most folks don’t really think about or care too much about getting their home protected from lightning but it always generates a rise out of someone because it’s just a cool gadget and a really good thing to have … you know, just in case that one-in-a-million chance lightning bolt drops some heat on your crib.

Awesome Lightning Protection Ideas – Who would have thought?

lightning protection, lightning rodThe very thought of getting lightning protection as a gift says a lot about the person who is giving the gift. It tells the recipient that you went out of your way to buy something truly thoughtful and unique. It also tells the receiver that you value their life, and that’s priceless. Most people I know would love to receive a cool gift like lightning protection, but since I live in Southern California, I suppose there aren’t too many lightning bolts destroying homes but if there was a solution as simple as lightning protection for Earthquake protection, I would love to receive that as a gift.

Also, an important note to remember when you go to buy that gift for someone, is that you might want to get it for a friend who is a home owner, not an apartment dweller or renter. Since you’ll be giving a gift that will increase the equity of the property where someone lives, it might just be a cool idea to get them something a little more practical to their situation. In the case of living somewhere with severe lightning storms, and where your friend lives in a rented property, a nice surge protection system may be the proper alternative to a lightning rod.

Where to find some awesome lightning protection

All you really need to do is a quick Google search for “lightning protection” and you’ll find a ton of cool ideas, gadgets, stories, pictures and products. It might not sound too sexy now, but wait until Christmas morning and you’ll be seeing faces light up like a lightning storm when they get their new, super cool lightning protection kit. You should be able to get in to a great looking cool lightning protection system for around $100!

Good luck and happy shopping.