Metal in your Bones and Traveling – A Story from Carlsbad

Many folks have metal in their bones for one reason or another. It might be because of some kind of accident that they needed to get pins or they possibly could have needed to get some kind of metal, mostly titanium, put into their spine or another area of the body due to the loss of some bone density or structure. This kind of treatment comes from the medical industry and it is great for most patients until it is time to travel. The metal detectors are something that most chiropractic offices warn their patients of should they need some kind of prosthetic or surgery that requires the addition of metal pieces to strengthen weak bones or breaks.


When traveling, you most likely will come across a metal detector or two which will scan your body for weapons. But you don’t have one, do you? You’ve got some metal on your bones that caused that thing to go off! This is one of the hassles of metal detectors, when the become an inconvenience to an individual. The main focus for most people with this kind of treatment is to get rid of pain, so I guess the trade off is always favorable. If you happen to have some metal in the bones, then we want to give you some advice.

Managing Pain

metal in bones You might still be having pain in your body surrounding the metal piece. This is usual and can last for months. If however you’re experiencing pain long after the operation, it’s often recommended that patients go in for a second opinion to see if it can be taken out. This is often at the direction of a doctor or chiropractor, who might be able to help your pain situation out with some more or less “normal” practices. So if you’re a traveler for work or have to go through metal detectors often, see what options are available to you for the long run and get that stuff out if you can.

Story by Ashlee

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