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Minelab metal detectors

Lets take a look at Minelab metal detectors:

Minelab X-Terra 305 Universal Hand Held Metal Detector

Minelab X-Terra 305This is a high standard performing Metal Detector with all the features you need. This is a no joke detector. It has new features, functionality and enhanced control options. Others feel it was made so good. It delivers credible results it is valuable and excellent in performance. It really adds value to money and is best in its class and rank. This X-Terra 305 is a remarkable high performing metal detector.


  • It is compatible with MF (7 kHz) and HF (18.75 kHz) waterproof coils. This means it has 6 accessory coil options.
  • Has a coin and treasure detect mode.
  • Has a 0-20 adjustable manual ground balancing capability to manage different soil mineralization.
  • Has 2 customizable preset buttons
  • Accurate Multi-Segment Discrimination Notching (12 segments)
  • Fast recovery Pin Point with changeable tone and graphical display
  • A 0 to 10 adjustable audio volume making it easy to identify and locate your targets
  • Has multi tones ID, s with choices of 1,2 or 3 and multi-tone Target ID (12) response. This ensures better flexibility in deciding how to represent target signals
  • Has a noise cancel function. This allows the user to pick the quietest channel for detecting
  • Threshold adjustment, with a range of -5 to 25 allowing the user to set threshold to levels where slight variations from either very small shallow or very large deep, targets can be noticed.

User reviews:

I am a proud owner of this detector. I already have found one silver coin with it. After carrying out some research about the best detector, my eyes landed me on this. It has proved pretty performing all tasks as I expected. I will again make my purchase from this dealer since my detector was shipped same day I paid for it.

I carried enough research from New England Detectors before making this purchase. It has done more compared to my Bounty Hunter 101. My area has a problem with soil mineralization. (red clay) All I needed was a detector with a manual ground balance. This pushed me to step into the 400$ category. With detectors such as Fisher F-4, F-5, Tesoro Vaquero, Teknetics Gamma, , Bounty Hunter 505, Platinum, etc. I preferred this one because of the name Minelab and the forum posts about its ability to detect targets that other detectors miss in mineralized soils. Nothing makes your detector more complete like the VDI numeric ID system.


Its coils are quite expensive and has a sluggish recovery time compared to Tesoro and Fisher. NEswiper’s youtube shows how fast it is in playing music.

Minelab metal detectors buying tips

High end detectors are quite hard to be advertised by retailers. Purchasers will always call manufacturers to have an order placed. Manufacturers can offer more, like discounts accessories, low price deals or even open box deals etc. Big sized detectors seen on seller pages can be useless at times. The V-4 pinpointer and the Bounty Hunter pinpointer are light just like this product. If you need to hit many targets all you need is a Lesche digging tool and a Garrett Propointer. With this few tips, be sure of making a superb purchase.

Minelab metal detectors
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